Activating associated contacts billing

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This article describes the steps required to enable associated contacts billing
by Mark DohiViews 187Published 08/06/2022


In this article we will go over the process of creating a contact, and assigning it to a service in the Hostico customer account for billing purposes.


  • A valid subcontact
  • An active service in the Hostico client account


After logging in to the Hostico client account, go to the User section on the right.
On the page, navigate to the bottom of the Associated Contacts section, then create a subcontact using the New Contact button.

Note: If there are already valid subcontacts in your Hostico client account, the first steps may be omitted.

Fill in the data in the fields displayed as needed (individual or legal entity) and then check the Correspondence and Permissions section for additional settings. The data entered must be correct / real, otherwise the subcontact will not be validated, which will make it impossible to assign it to a service.

Important! To use the subcontract only for notifications of a financial nature, in the Correspondence section, tick the financial field, which by default will open two additional ticks:

  • Isolated - Financial notifications will only be sent for the service to which the subcontract has been assigned
  • Global - Financial notifications will be sent for all services held in the account


Once we have made sure that the subcontact is set up correctly, we will go either to the Services section (for hosting packages) or to the Domains section.
The desired service will open, then select the Billing Contact option in the Actions menu on the right.


Note: If there is no contacts assigned to the service, the message "Disabled" will be displayed.

After opening the window, select the desired contact and confirm the action with the "Yes" button.


Note: If you want to change the subcontact, you can choose another contact, after which we confirm the procedure.
For situations in which we want to remove the contact from the service, select the Reset option


  • Services that have invoicing on the same due date, but have different subcontracts will receive individual invoices for each service separately.
  • After assigning a subcontract to a service, the status will be changed to "Pending" and after validation of data by the sales department, the status will be changed to "Active"

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