April Update

Andrea Zemba

April Update

xCMS - managed hosting

As a hosting service provider, Hostico`s responsibility is to maintain the services offered (web, mail, ftp, dns, etc.) functional. Often, however, due to the needs and requests of the clients, our involvement goes beyond these limits and implies both the configuration (installation / uninstallation / updating) at the level of the web application used by the client and the offering of various suggestions or tips regarding the use, configuration , optimization and security of various applications.

Due to this daily interaction that we have with clients and their applications, we have found that most of them are not optimized / secured at all, these being the main discussion points with the users of the applications / websites. From these interactions we found the existence of a need for a service that comes to complement the hosting ones and that addresses the administration needs of the applications / websites of the clients.

Therefore, we decided to launch an additional service to the hosting service that will help this need and take over the administration, security and optimization of the client application.
Thus, clients who do not have the time or knowledge necessary to manage the application will be able to contact us to keep the application / website optimized.

Therefore, from today the  service will be available to all Hostico customers as an additional option that can be added to the hosting package or the one to be ordered.
The service is currently only available for WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, Virtuemart and Drupal applications, but the list may change in the future depending on the level of requests for one application or another.


The administration service has an initial fee for taking over the website which will involve an analysis of the integrity, security and optimization aspects of the site / application. After the analysis, the necessary measures will be implemented to secure the optimization of the application / site. For maintaining the site in the optimal parameters a monthly administration fee will be paid.

Installation / Migration
Monthly Fee

In the case of a highly infected site it may be necessary to pay an additional cleaning fee of up to 9000.00₹.
The installation fee is self-contained and does not include the cost of the first month`s subscription.

Although offered as an additional service, for now this service will be provided from 08:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday.
The schedule will change depending on the level of service requests.

In order to delimit the informations on this service, from now on a new department is available namely xCMS.
This department is currently only available by email at xcms@hostico.in and by telephone.
Depending on the level of the requests it is possible that in the future it will be implemented as an option for the chat support system.
For more details on the services offered within the managed hosting and the conditions under which they are offered you can access xCMS and xCMS terms .

The prices presented do not include VAT and are billed in RON at the NBR exchange rate on the date of billing.


At Hostico we always try to implement services or functionalities that will help our clients. On the same principle we decided to implement the service offered by Pago to pay the bills.
The connection to the Hostico account through Pago is done by entering the unique customer ID. This ID is available in the Hostico customer account, at the section that contains the personal data as well as the invoices issued.
Thus, customers who have a Pago account can now pay their Hostico invoices through them.

Live Support

Not satisfied with the application used for Hostico online support, we decided to write our own chat application, an application that has been implemented on the site for about 2 weeks.
It is created to focus on current needs and being our project, new features can be added at any time to improve the offered assistance.
The benefits of implementing the new application include: a better loading time of the site, greater response time and greater ability to upload files from both the client and Hostico operators.


Following an internal analysis regarding both facilitating our contact from the client`s point of view and a better organization of tasks, it was decided to merge the Information department with the Commercial one.
A small number of options will facilitate the customer`s choice, increasing the speed with which he can contact us.
Internally, the requests for both departments were taken over by the same department, namely the Commercial one, so that this merge highlights better the internal organization Hostico.

The options for contacting the Hostico team are as follows:

eMail Address
information, payments, affiliation, etc.
technical assistance regarding Hostico services
assistance for CMSs managed by Hostico

Published on 16-April-2020

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