March Update

Mark Dohi

March Update

SEO Hosting

The options created for SEO hosting packages, which exist until now only within hosting packages with the same name, are now available for all Hostico shared hosting packages.
It was decided to turn the features of these packages into an additional option for all Hostico shared hosting packages to facilitate the activation of these features for a larger category of clients / packages.
The initially available option, namely the purchase of an SEO hosting package to obtain these features, may have created confusion in choosing the hosting package.

This option adds the following to the hosting package:

  • custom nameservers (ns1 and ns2. domain)
  • activation of the Google PageSpeed module for automatic optimization of the site according to Google standards


Customers who want a professional solution for filtering SPAM messages now have the possibility of activating an additional professional service in this regard.
SpamExperts has been conducting anti-spam services and filters since 2005, developing complex self-teaching architectures for the recognition and filtering of SPAM messages and at the same time keeping as low as possible the wrong detections.
Within the web hosting service providers it is one of the most popular and widespread solutions.

The service can be managed through a special panel from which several operations can be performed, such as:

  • view / change protection measures (whitelist / blacklist / filter settings)
  • restrictions based on the size of attachments / attachment extensions
  • generating activity reports

As additional protection if there are any errors on the final mail server, SpamExperts will keep a copy of the messages sent until the destination mail server is operational and can accept them for delivery.

Reseller Hostico

The number of hosting accounts that could be added respectively created by purchasing a Hostico reseller package was until recently unlimited, the only limitation of these packages being that of the purchased / allocated space.
Through the structural and price changes that have occurred on the cPanel licenses during the last year (changes presented in the article cPanel, Plesk, Webmin) each existing hosting account on the server has been charged separately.
Therefore, we also need to limit the number of hosting accounts that can be created for free within the Reseller packages.
Thus, the Reseller hosting packages will now include a number of 10 hosting accounts that can be created for free, including the actual reseller account.
Customers wishing to add / create more than 10 accounts have the possibility to buy additional slots.

The currently available slots are:

Total Number of Accounts
15 Conturi
25 Conturi
50 Conturi

Published on 23-March-2020

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