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What is managed hosting?

Buying a hosting package and installing an application is no longer difficult and doesn`t require a high level of knowledge.
Not the same can be said about the subsequent administration of the application or of the website installed on that hosting.
Besides the visible and tangible aspects of a site owner, such as site content, marketing, graphical interface, social media, and so on, the technical aspects of the application, such as securing, optimizing , updating, monitoring, and so on should also be taken into account.

Both the visible part of the customers/owner (frontend) and the back (backend) require direct, active and constant involvement for a proper operation. This involvement takes time, energy and resources even in the case of knowing them.
Managed hosting involves taking over these responsibilities, ensuring both the proper functioning of the hosting services, and the proper functioning of the client`s application.

Managed hosting vs Standard hosting

On standard hosting, you will benefit from the space provided by the purchased hosting package and the resources allocated to it. The task of installing and managing the application is your responsibility.
In the case of managed hosting, the task of securing, optimizing, updating, and monitoring the application / website becomes the responsibility of the hosting company, assuming the complexity of managing the application so you can have the freedom to focus on creating a unique digital experience .

Do you need managed hosting?

It would be a good idea to opt for a managed hosting if:

  • you do not have the knowledge to manage the application / site
  • you do not have time to manage the application / site
  • you cannot allow that site may be compromised by not updating/securing it
  • you do not want to lose visitors/customers due to the site taking a long time to load

What distinguishes Hostico from other managed hosting providers?

Although, there are companies who offer hosting packages that contain in their description the names of some applications, they do not manage those applications.
The managed hosting service is an adjacent service to those already offered by Hostico so the reasons listed here : https://hostico.com/why-hostico/ apply to this service as well.

The speed, reliability, performance and tranquility offered are reasons to migrate your site to Hostico.
In addition to managed hosting, besides application optimizations, we also come with server-side solutions such as Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Varnish.

They will take over part of the stress the application is subjected to and improve its performance.

The services that we offer as part of the managed hosting package, in addition to the benefits offered by default by a Hostico hosting package, are:

Application transfer, free service for all Hostico hosting packages:

  • transferring files and databases
  • reconfiguring the application to work on our servers
  • mailboxes transfer along with their content
Checking integrity

Before performing any operations, we will verify the integrity of the application.If this is compromised, any subsequent test is irrelevant and we will focus on restoring the integrity of the application.

Stress test

We`ll check the approximate number of concurrent connections that the application supports with the resources it has before and after optimizing it.

Security analysis

We`re trying to detect security issues and potential vulnerabilities that could compromise the site.After that, security measures are implemented to reinforce the application.

Analysis and frontend optimization

Verifying the frontend application/site optimization according to Google / Yslow standards and optimize or correlate the application with them, to get a lower load time.

Analysis of themes/active extensions

Verifying their performance, load level, possible incompatibilities, vulnerabilities, and so on.

Database analysis and optimization

We check both the database load level of non-essential information stored by each application as well as the SQL queries run by the application in order to optimize the related SQL tables.

Application Optimization

Implementing measures to reduce the resource consumption of the application but without affecting its functionality.

Connect related services

Depending on the application used and the measures to be taken for a better functioning, it will be connected to the services installed on the server in order to take over part of the resource consumption made by the application and reduce its response time.
Depending on the situations encountered during the analysis/optimization/security process, we may come up with various recommendations on some aspects of the application (install/uninstall/change settings/extensions/theme).

After these operations are completed, for the entire period of the subscription we will provide the following services.

Uptime Monitoring

We check the site`s operation at regular intervals, which means that our time of intervention is almost instantaneous to any interruption that may occur. The Hostico team is immediately notified of the interruption, and the verification and removal of the cause of the interruption is initiated as soon as possible.

Performance Check

We analyze the site`s performance to identify possible unexpected situations, improve them and also implement new optimization technologies.

Integrity Analysis / Security

Scanning files / database for possible corrupt/infected files and/or unwanted records.
Security scan to identify possible vulnerabilities that might occur as a result of an upgrade or install/uninstall an extension/themes.
Check for application vulnerabilities, extensions, or installed themes.
Checking the site in external databases about its status.


The foundation of a powerful and secure application is given by constantly updating it as well as the installed extensions/themes.We make sure that as soon as an update is available, we make the necessary checks to apply it.


Install/Uninstall/Configure extensions/themes.
Currently, these services are only available for applications such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, Virtuemart and Drupal.

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