What is addon domain?

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An article that presents in detail the concept of addon domain, the elements that characterize it and how to purchase it.
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The addon domain is an additional, hence the name, fully functional domain that can be added to a hosting from within its control panel.  It is used to host multiple domains on a single hosting account representing a new, stand-alone website in a separate directory on the account.

Why do I need an addon domain? ?

If it is desired to create a different site than the one already owned and the hosting account allows the addition of an addon domain, then this may be the best solution. The addon domain is added from the existing control panel and points to a subdirectory within the hosting. This means there is no need for an additional hosting package.

How do I get hold of the addon domain ?

Each domain must be registered before it can be used. New domains can be registered at: Domain registration

I don't want to register a new domain, I can have addon domains?

If you do not want to register a new domain, you can consider creating a subdomain on the domain you already own. For references regarding this procedure you can access the tutorial: Add Subdomain

How many addon domains can I add on the hosted hosting ?

Each hosting allows the addition of a predetermined number of addon domains, within the limits of the package's resources (ram, space, processor, etc.). To see how many addon domains the hosted hosting supports you will need to visit the package information page:

I purchased a new domain, how am I adding it as an addon domain to my hosted hosting?

For how to add an addon domain, you can consult the following tutorials :

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